Red Colorful Abstract Mask

Red Colorful Abstract Mask

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Looking for a mask that reminds you of that solo jazz cup print? Well I gotchu! This is jazz cups second cousin, Red Snazzy. Look stylish and yet different in this similar but the same design XD

Adult sized, unisex, one size fits all.
~Sustainable, Washable, Reusable~


Special features:

  • 100% cotton double layers
  • Includes a flat metal nose wire for the perfect fit.
  • The bottom of the mask is slightly gathered for the utmost secure fit possible! We don’t need no open-air pockets in these times of uncertainty!
  • Comes with a durable cotton tie that fits any head size. Bonus about ties is that you can pull it down around your neck when you need to eat or drink and not worry about losing it!

~This is a handmade, non-medical mask. Best options to wash: Handwash and let sundry, OR spritz 99% Isopropyl alcohol on front and back.

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Made by The IV Collections